Interactive Plexiglass/Glass House
De Kunsthal
Interactive Installation
2020 - current 

Interactive plexiglass invites visitors to portray each other. One stands BEHIND and the other in FRONT of the transparent glass. Couples, friends, family members and strangers are asked to trace the lines of each other faces.

Participate and leave your face and name behind. With this interactive apparat, I want to create a portrait of the DNA of visitors of a museum which is international and diverse, but the face and intention of every person is the same. The plexiglass is left behind with linear faces made by the participant and afterwards I will keep some plexiglass plates to color the faces in to finish a new artwork made by me and all the visitors.

One person stands in front
Other person stands in behind
Take a marker and trace each other’s face
Leave behind your name
When you take a picture and share it via instagram please use @allyoucanart5 or @prisroos

My inspiration comes from the Corona virus which has an impact on society. People are keeping a distance of 1.5 m and plexiglass is put everywhere in shops, restaurants, musea and in the public space to create a wall between one and the other to protect ourselves. I want to experiment with this material by connecting people more with each other. 

colored markers on plexiglass and wood