Installation photo from the group project 'A Funeral for Street Culture' by Metro54 and Rita Ouédraogo hosted by Framer Framed, Amsterdam (2021). © Eva Broekema / Framer Framed.

I See I See I See I See Daily Paper, Clan de Banlieue, Sumibu and Concrete Blossom in Rotterdam-West (2021)

group exhibition: A Funeral for Street Culture, a project by Metro54 
FramerFramed, Amsterdam, NL
oil pastel on paper

Credits: Rita Ouédraogo, Amal Alhaag, Metro54
Spatial design : Setareh Noorani & Jelmer Teunissen
Contributions by:
Kenneth Aidoo
Fréderique Albert-Bordenave
Oko Ebombo
Cédric Kouamé
Cengiz Mengüç
Narges Mohammadi
Bodil Ouédraogo
JeanPaul Paula
Pillars of Autumn – Tobi Balogun, Walter Götsch, Wes Mapes, Dion Rosina
Stephen Tayo
KIOSK Rotterdam

video shot in own studio and edited by FramerFramed
images by Eva Broekman 

An installation based on the observation of a conversation organized by Concrete Blossom with Quinna as host and in which Jordan (Sumibu), Abderr (Daily Paper) and Richard (Clan de Banlieue) talk about the past, present and future of their brands and fashion. The portraits show the faces responsible for these important black-owned businesses, brands and initiatives in the setting of the street.

I found it important to bring the street and the people of Rotterdam (-West) to Amsterdam (-East), but this conversation I registrated was also one of the first events that I visited  after the BLM protest on the Erasmusbrug. The conversation was held on the street outside and I couldn’t hear exactly what they talked about. But that image of four important persons of colour talking about the future, friends and passing people listening into on a square in West-Kruiskade with cars, scooters and bicycles and the houses in the background . That image is an important shot,memory, event of future where people and the likes came together in a significant period of growing, understanding and standing up for BLM.