Portraits and Performance
2019 — current

In this series "Immigrants" I visit persons that are considered "not" part of traditional Dutch society. I get to know them, we share stories together, paint them after my visit and give back their  painting to the person. 

During this process of getting to know a stranger who is becoming a sister, brother or an uncle aunt, a new artwork develops in the form of spoken words and video.

At the moment I am working on a portrait research of the neighborhood Tarwewijk in the South of Rotterdam. The results will be shown in Paviljoen aan het Water, _ook and other parties located in Tarwewijk. 

My inspiration for this work comes from my dual identity as an Indonesian/Dutch person who lives in both cultures. From when I was a child, I grew up with parents working hard in their business, a toko. The toko is a place where people from all classes, colors and backgrounds come together for food and company.

oils on canvas